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New Stained Glass Additions to Scotts Valley Coop

Pink Dresser Mirror

I’m constantly trying to create new cool things to do with my stained glass……and I love this one! I’ve started a series of “dresser mirrors”. They are free-standing Stained Glass with mirrors that can sit on any dresser or vanity. I’ve incorporated beans and crystals in my solder lines to add a bit of bling.  Everyone needs a bit of bling! I’ve priced them reasonably to make it an affordable gift for any occasion. More designs to come soon….so keep checking back.

Stained Glass Dresser Mirrors

I put to good use the part of the glass that most people scrap….the “rolled edge” of the pour. This add a unique element to the piece.

  • Free-standing
  •  Adds “bling” to any dresser or vanity
  •  Fun and affordable for any occasion

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