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Stained Glass Windows for your RV door

Statue of Liberty Stained Glass Window RV

Statue of Liberty

I created my first RV door Stained Glass window for my own travel trailer back in 2002. It was simple to install as a replacement to the existing 12″ x 21″ window in the door, provided the same if not better privacy. My window was durable enough to withstand the travels on the roads of the western states and most of all, when I got up in the mornings with the light shining through, the joy of my beautiful window was unsurpassed! While camping in Oregon along the Rogue River, a free-lance writer spotted my window while walking his dogs through the camp ground and asked if he could write an article about me and my window. He also asked later for me to make 2 windows for his own Sunnybrook travel trailer (Lucky for me his trailer had 2 doors!) Several months later an article was printed in Trailer Life Magazine that inspired over 80 orders for RV windows from coast to coast.

Strength in Stained Glass Window Design

My Stained Glass RV windows are custom designed and contain no glass pieces over 8″ in length for strength. The best testimonial I have was from one of my customers who called to tell me that she and her husband were towing their 5th wheel through Needles, California and he was going a bit too fast when he hit a rail road crossing. She said she looked in her side mirror and saw her rig get airborn! It came down hard on the other side and all she could think was that her beautiful Stained Glass RV window must be shattered. She ordered her husband to pull over, she jumped out to check things out. Her window was still in tact (to her husbands relief) but once inside the rig, they discovered the bathroom sink had completely cracked in half!!

  • Stained Glass RV windows can actually increase your privacy!
  • Strong and durable over time, customized designs
  • A great conversation starter at any campground

Thanks for letting me share my RV window stories with you.  I’d love to hear about your experiences too!

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